Welcome to your new job! Your task is to fulfill the customer's wishes. "How?" you will ask now. Everyone wants their own individual color and YOU can deliver it to them. All you have to do is mix the color. By yourself. Simple, right? Let me explain to you how your workplace is structured.


In front of you you see the color mixer. With the colored buttons you can fill the container with a color. To mix different colors push different buttons. If you hit the right color, let the customer know. This evaluates the color. If the costumer lives up to his expectations, he will pay and take his color with him. If the color is bad, change the mixing ratio. But do not try that too often, otherwise the customer is upset and leaves  without paying. Also pay attention to the amount of color. For this purpose, the customer also gives specifications. If you have too much color in the container, the button "Reduce" will help you. This draws paint from the container, without changing the mixing ratio. If you are completely dissatisfied with the color, press the "Clear" button. However, the entire color is lost. "Not so bad" you may think now. However, color is not in vain and the individual tanks have only a limited capacity. To get new color, press the button "Buy Color". The money will be deducted directly from you and the tanks are filled up in no time.

That's all. I think. So get to work!


Entry for the 48 Secret Jam - May - 2018

There are two game modes: Endless (for the fun of mixing colors) and Time Mode (for the competitors among you). If the time is over or the money is gone, the game ends (But feel free to start a new one).


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I like it, simple but funny, good job!!

Thank you :)

The principle is pretty cool, and the execution is perfect, good job !

Thanks for your feedback :)