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You wake up on a field. In your Hand you hold a strange device.
Looking around, you notice trees, stones, houses and even a lake in the area.
But you also notice a strange golden object, just like a coin.
When you press the little red button on its center, the device send out a white light in the dircetion of this object.
Deep inside you know, that you should follow the light.


How to Play:
Left Mouse Button: Click on a pixel to go in this direction.
Left Mouse Button: Click on the void to activate the detector (The device in your hand).
It shows you the direction of the nearest coin. But be carefully with it. You can active it only five times. You can recharge it in houses.
Right Mouse Button: Shows you, how many Coins are on the field (grey pixel), and how many you allready collected (lightgrey pixel).

Additional Functions:
Press M to mute the sound.
Press Esc to quit the game.


Field Description:
(Passable ground)
light green pixel: This is grassy ground. You can walk on it.
golden pixel: This is a coin. Collect all coins on the field to win the game.

(Unpassable ground)
grey pixel: Stone walls or bigger stones
blue pixel: Water (part of a lake)
dark green pixel: Leaves (part of a tree)
dark red pixel: House wall
white pixel: Door (part of a house). Click it charge your detector


The map of this game is randomized. So every journey take you to an unique adventure.


(Music  by  Visager)




PixelJourney.zip 22 MB


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Great game ! When you understand the concept, this is very fun ! I got the 5 coins ! Bravo !